GoodAire Sanz Humidifier

Introducing GoodAire SANZ,

a humidifier that offers you a simple, practical and cost-effective approach to promoting a clean and odour-free environment by using its latest Technology with deep-reaching abilities to clean the air and eliminate odour using chlorine dioxide

The GoodAire SANZ humidifier used with chlorine dioxide vapour has properties that will:

1. Sanitize surfaces and rooms.

2. Cleanses air and removes bad odour

3. Repels mosquitoes.

4. Disinfect and kill bacteria and viruses.

5. Sanitize hand and personal belongings.

What makes GoodAire SANZ Unique?

It produces more vapour per min.

It has a motion sensor that helps avoid contact makes sanitising personal belongings easier

It has a pulse mode to help save sanitising liquid